Publishing University/BEA 2001 Recap Plus Ingram’s New Publisher Policy

July 2001
by Jan Nathan

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Suppose you were about to close your office for a three-day weekend, during which you were going to be traveling across the country to present your annual big event. Just then, you received a phone call from the hotel telling you that they had canceled your large ballroom and exhibit hall for which you had a contract, and had moved you into the basement! Such was the case this year with us for PMA’s Publishing University. All of our signs, all of our programs, all of our onsite material had been shipped to the hotel and it all now contained erroneous information about our meeting rooms. And there was no time or way to change that since we didn’t know where our event would now be taking place. Why did this nightmare happen? Well, it seems that Microsoft wanted to make a big announcement about a new product and they could only make that announcement from a room that had been ours from December on! The hotel more or less agreed that it was breaching our contract, but we discovered the power of Microsoft.

What happened to Publishing University? Well, we all adjusted and made the event happen in the best manner possible. The attendees were a little confused, since many of the seminar rooms printed in our onsite program were changed and our signs were incorrect as well. But after some wandering around, and with help from PMA people posted in the halls, attendees managed to get to their classes and to enjoy the learning process that Publishing University present…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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