Publishers: Motivate Your Authors to Book Themselves on Talk Shows!

May 2001
by Marisa D'Vari, talk show host/author

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(Editor’s Note: This article was adapted from D’Vari’s newly released book, Profiting With TV/Radio Promotion.)

Your authors dream of plugging their books on Oprah, and you dream of all the sales that TV and radio publicity will generate. But you can’t afford a publicist, and given your sleep-deprived schedule, can’t invest the time to promote each author individually.

What’s an ambitious but under-resourced publisher to do? Give your authors the tools to promote themselves!

Authors today know that they must be proactive in getting their own promotion. They just need you to provide expert direction. Turning your authors into publicity machines and their books into cash cows will be easy once you master the simple principles described below. Then just sit back, let your author excitedly plunge into creating his or her own promotion, and you’ll both reap the rewards free media exposure affords.

Step 1:Instruct your author to research and create a list of local and national TV and radio talk shows where a discussion on his or her book would be a good fit. Invite the author in for a meeting or schedule a phone chat to discuss this effort. Many authors, especially first-timers, have an unrealistic view that “everyone” needs their book. Gently explain that every book has a target market, and help the author form a firm mental picture of the ideal consumer–especially in terms of age, sex, and income. Ask…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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