Publicity on a Shoestring

January 1999
by Robin Bartlett

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Some Background. In the September issue of the “PMA Newsletter” in an article entitled “Getting Picked Up by the Chains,” PMA members were introduced to two entrepreneurial, self-published authors, Mary and Don, who run Picture Perfect Press (PPP). These two PMA members have requested anonymity, but I can assure you that they do exist and were interviewed extensively to prepare this article.

As you learned in the September PMA Newsletter, Picture Perfect Press got started because the principals, Mary and Don, were outstanding professional photographers. They enjoy their craft tremendously and their friends have encouraged them to share their creativity and unique photographic tips with amateur and professional picture-takers. Thus, Mary and Don founded Picture Perfect Press and now have three published books. A well-known publisher handled their first two titles. And the third and most recent book is their first self-published venture. One thing that Mary and Don do best is to practice “the small press/self-published author’s creed” (which is): “Always plan for a sizable special sales outlet for your book. Understand that you must be the first, loudest and strongest promoter for your book(s). Be prepared to become an endless self-promoter, using every scrap of creativity, energy and street-savvy. And recognize that you must do this even after your book becomes a success.” The second thing that Mary and Don do best is “publicity on a shoestring.” The tips and…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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