Publicity Building Blocks: Create the Best Campaign for Each Book

November 2004
by Jodee Blanco

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Did you ever play with blocks when you were a kid? You always used the same set, but you mixed and matched the pieces differently every time you built something. Constructing a publicity campaign directed to consumers is similar.

There are four major types of general consumer publicity campaigns: national, regional, local, and grassroots. Let’s take a look at the core building blocks for each one, bearing in mind that they can be mixed and matched in infinite variations.

National consumer campaigns. A national campaign means publicity that reaches the entire country. It can consist of three building blocks:

Print coverage via national newspapers, magazines, syndicated columnists, and wire servicesBroadcast coverage via network, syndicated, and national cable television talk shows, and network and syndicated radio outletsA media tour, in which an author does local print and broadcast interviews coast to coast, visiting a city per day

Regional consumer campaigns. A regional campaign targets a specific part of the country, such as the Midwest, deep South, or northeastern seaboard. Regional campaigns have two building blocks:

Print outlets, such as daily and community newspapers, newsletters, and magazinesBroadcast media, like local network affiliate and regional cable television shows, and regional radio shows

Local consumer campaigns. A local publicity campaign, which is sometimes called a market-specific c…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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