Protect Your Web Site Data: A Quick Survey of Backup Solutions

November 2006
by Chris Kivlehan

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The Importance Of Quality Backups

Protect Your Web Site Data: A
Quick Survey of Backup Solutions


by Chris Kivlehan


Over the past decade, many
businesses—long established and newly formed alike—have made the
World Wide Web a key revenue-generating channel. Transactions worth billions of
dollars occur online each year. For many people, using the Internet to make a
purchase or to find information that will lead to a purchase is now second


As a result, every business that
is using the Web as a revenue-generating channel has enormous amounts of
valuable data stored on computers; and, as we all well know, computers tend to
die from time to time. The loss of a customer-order database can be devastating
to a business, as it leads to unfulfilled orders, dissatisfied customers, and
interrupted contacts with clients.


Although it is self-evident that
businesses need to guard against losing orders and customer information, too
many businesses shopping for Web hosting make backup solutions a low priority.


Back in an Hour


Like the other elements of your
Web hosting plan, your backup solution should fit what your company is doing on
the Web. Businesses running small brochure We…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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