Producing E-books Isn’t Easy

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March 2011
by Linda Nix

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Producing E-books Isn’t Easy

by Linda Nix

Producing a book for e-readers is considerably more complicated than producing one for print. Instead of a familiar landscape easily navigated by experienced staff, you are confronted with an unstable terrain guarded by new gatekeepers, and you can’t find any reliable map.

Consider the print book. It comes in many sizes (and sometimes different shapes), on a variety of papers, with monochrome or color ink; it’s bound in cloth or paper or some other material. Generally the publisher selects physical factors to suit a book’s content and market as well as its budget, and choices are also influenced by physical constraints—what papers are available, what size book the printing and binding machines can cope with, and so on.

When publishers produce a print book, they make many production decisions in consultation with the printer, including consultations about the specifications of the digital file. Producing a print book that can be sold and used around the world requires only a single PDF that meets the standard set by the local printer (along with the necessary rights, of course).

Printers’ requirements do vary, and industry standards are by no means comprehensive; but in general, production decisions are made on…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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