Prevent Spam Filters from Blocking Legitimate Email

December 2004
by Reid Goldsborough

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There’s no question about it: Spam is a scourge. This ever-increasing torrent of unsolicited commercial mass email saps productivity and, for some, threatens the very viability of email.

The battle against spam, unfortunately, is creating problems of its own; sometimes people are unable to send legitimate email, and other times they’re unable to receive it.

Barring Butt

Jim Butt sends a lot of email. He handles electronic communications for two athletic organizations that offer soccer, basketball, baseball, and other programs for about 1,500 kids.

This past spring he began experiencing problems with schedules and other messages emailed to parents because of antispam safeguards that recipients’ Internet service providers (ISPs) had put in place.

Since many ISPs filter out messages that are likely to be spam by using keywords, among other techniques, some of Butt’s emails were being rejected–treated in the same way as the sleazy come-ons for porn sites, male “enhancement” products, and get-rich-quick pyramid schemes.

Those recipients who used AOL and Earthlink were given a chance to choose to permit current and future emails from Butt to go through. But AT&T just locked him out completely. Butt had been placed on a blacklist.

Another problem Butt experienced was the limit of 200 outgoing emails per day that his own ISP, Omnis Network, had instituted to prevent people from using its servic…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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