To Support…To Represent…To Improve… Looking Ahead

November 2006
by Florrie Binford Kichler

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“To Support and Represent”–



Florrie Binford Kichler


To Support . . .

To Represent . . .

To Improve . . .

Looking Ahead


Handwritten in indelible
marker on poster paper taped to a conference room wall:


The mission of PMA, the Independent Book Publishers
Association, is to support and represent a thriving book-publishing community
and to improve the standards of independent publishing.


While your new board of directors
met for a day and a half in August to determine focus areas and a work plan for
our association in the upcoming 12 months, those words on the wall reminded us
of the goals to use in assessing all programs, benefits, and activities.


Here is a summary of the areas in
which your volunteer board will be working to support you through innovative
programs and benefits, represent and advocate for you in the industry, and
provide you with education to improve both your publications and your business


Focus: Membership Programs
and Benefits


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