Thanks for the Memories

June 2006
by Kent Sturgis

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How can it be that this is my
24th and last column? Two years ago, when I became PMA president, I could see
that a major responsibility of my presidency would be having to write a column
about publishing in this space every month. Well, for better or worse, this is
the last one. I feel like a marathon runner falling over the finish line.
Please indulge me as I recollect a few highlights and lowlights.


Most inspirational
self-publishing experience


Michael Sterns of Palm Harbor, FL,
has a lot of friends and a big family. Sterns financed a 2,500-copy first
printing of his novel, Kokopelli
and the Butterfly, through personal presales. He promised a wide
circle of acquaintances either autographed copies or their money back within
six months. The receipts went into an escrow account.


“The bank watched the account grow
to $6,000 in two months and loaned me the balance with a line of credit,”
Sterns told me. The strategy worked. Sterns and his Grasshopper Dreams
Productions parlayed sales receipts and printer credit into four reprints. His
novel had sold more than 27,500 copies when I wrote a column about raising
capital a year ago.


Most charming personal


Jennifer Bunting at Tilbury House
in Gardiner, ME, told me a nifty story about how her ass…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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