President’s Report
News of Next Year

October 2004
by Kent Sturgis

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Your new board of directors met for the first time recently near the PMA office in Manhattan Beach, California. What a dynamic group! The directors bring energy, creativity, a passion for publishing, and unfailing wit to the table–not to mention a couple of hundred years of collective experience making and marketing books.

Outgoing president Don Tubesing likened his experience presiding over this group to herding cats. After moderating my first meeting, with its ambitious, project-heavy agenda that brought us together for three working sessions in 44 hours, I saw myself playing something more like the role of a “stuffer” in the Tokyo subway–the transit employee who pushes passengers onto crowded cars during rush hours, trying to keep everything on schedule.

Here are some highlights from our meeting.

2005 Publishing University

More than 50 percent of the courses will be new at the PMA Publishing University next spring in New York City. Although most of the course materials will be designed for the startups and small presses that constitute 90 percent of PMA’s membership, a new conference-within-a-conference will provide content exclusively for midsized publishers with 100 or more titles. Many of these publishers joined PMA as startups and have matured with the association over the past 20 years.

PMA also is examining new ways to deliver training and professional development courses through the Web site and in mul…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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