Developing Your Line: The House That Jack Amelia and John and Juliette and George and Phillis Built

August 2006
by Florrie Binford Kichler

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Remember your first love? Finding
someone with whom to share your most intimate thoughts and feelings, glowing as
you gazed upon the beauty of your beloved, knowing that this was the only
person who could make you happy?


Remember your first published
book? Finding an audience with whom to share thoughts and feelings, glowing as
you gazed upon the beauty of your beloved four-color cover, knowing that this
was the only book that could make you happy?


As publishers, we love our books,
but that may not make us good publishers. Why?


Because what we love may not sell.


And if our books don’t sell, we
have no publishing company.


Many of you are still in the
throes of excitement over book number one, and I agree that there is nothing
like the thrill of bringing your first-born title into the world. But if you’re
serious about becoming a publisher, you must consider the first book not as an
end, but rather as a means of beginning a profitable venture that will still
entertain, inspire, and educate your readers (I love my books too), while also
sustaining your lifestyle and creating long-term value.


In some ways, your first book is
the easiest because there is nothing to compare it to—you are free to
create without worryi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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