President’s Report: Thank You, Jan

August 2007
by Florrie Binford Kichler

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by Florrie Binford Kichler


Thank You, Jan

“Can I help you?”

Nearly 10 years ago, a wannabe
publisher from Indiana without a company but with a dream, I attended my first
Publishing University. Now that dream is a business, thanks to the
encouragement, guidance, and support of the lively woman with the broad smile
who greeted me with those words.

“Can I help you?” epitomized the
spirit of our extraordinary executive director, Jan Nathan, who, in her 24
years at the helm of PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association, enabled
thousands of publishers to make their visions real.

In the process, she transformed an

“Can I help you?” was Jan’s
mantra, and her vision and leadership grew an organization from a handful of
publishers in 1983 to a strong, vibrant, and forward-thinking organization of
more than 4,000.

“Can I help you?” asked Jan, and
the marketing, educational, and advocacy programs that have benefited so many
continue to grow.

Jan Nathan’s contributions to

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