PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Lessons Learned from Noah’s Ark

September 2009
by Carlene Sippola

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by Carlene Sippola

Lessons Learned from Noah’s Ark

Recently I came across several sets of pointers on how to lead a more productive, happier life that are based on metaphors from the Noah’s Ark story. As I read them, I immediately saw how these lessons could be applied to my publishing company. On the theory that you may find them useful in yours, I’ve adapted them for our industry.

Plan Ahead: It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark

No matter how small you are, create a business plan and write marketing plans for each project. These plans will serve as guides to your publishing journey. Creating a business or marketing plan will force you to think about what-ifs.

What if your first book takes off like a rocket, and you need to reprint in a month? Would you have the capital to do it? What if 90 percent of your first print run is still sitting in your garage after six months? How will you continue to invest in new projects? What if the downturn in the economy shrinks your sales by 30 percent? Can you recover?

Good plans keep you on the right track and help you handle the unexpected.

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