President’s Message:
Pardon My Side Trip into the Vast Unknown

November 2004
by Kent Sturgis

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When I wrote a weekly column years ago for a newspaper in Fairbanks, Alaska, I indulged myself occasionally. After dutifully crafting four or five columns about local people and issues, I felt entitled–as a reward for my diligence–to go with something off the wall…you know, to see if readers were paying attention.

This explains why I am going to share a few UFO stories with you. I promise there is a tie-in to publishing. Be patient!

I confess to being interested in the search for extraterrestrial life. As of this writing, I had contributed 18,651 hours of personal computer processing time to the SETI data-analysis program at the University of California Berkeley. (Visit I am fascinated by the Drake Formula, named after the astronomer who devised a formula for estimating the number of technological civilizations in our galaxy. But I am puzzled by the Fermi Paradox, which basically asks, if life exists out there, why have we not seen any of it? Well, apparently not seen it.

My favorite UFO story is about the JAL 747 freighter with a crew of three that had a close encounter with something in November 1986 while flying French wine over the Pole from Paris to Tokyo. By the captain’s account, a claim verified by radar, the jumbo jet was stalked by an unknown second craft over the vast emptiness of northern Alaska an hour or so from Anchorage, a refueling stop.

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