President’s Message Let’s Work Together

January 2001
by Linda Ligon, Interweave Press

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My first encounter with PMA was in 1988. ABA (now BEA) was in San Francisco, and I got wind that there would be some seminars for small publishers. Small I was; I had just barely grown from publishing a small magazine produced on my diningroom table to a small magazine and a few small books in a small actual office in my small town of Loveland, Colorado. Small was beautiful, but not necessarily easy. I needed help.

The session I remember so well from that first PMA University was the free-for-all book critique, in which other small publishers vied for the chance to present their titles to a panel of experts. These experts did not hold back in giving advice. “Nobody’s going to be able to read that spine on the shelf in a bookstore. Here’s what you should do.””Did you forget the ISBN number? Here’s where you get one, and here’s where you should place it.””This book has great potential for premium sales, and here’s who you can talk to about that.””The cover is eye-catching, but the title will confuse a potential buyer. Why don’t you try this?” And so on. Real, nitty-gritty, smart, specific advice. That one session was worth a million bucks to me—not just for the know-how I picked up, but also for the experience of being among other people with the same problems, concerns, and passion for publishing.

Fifteen or so years and a couple of hundred titles later, it’s payback time. As the newly elected President of the PMA Board of Directors, I’m…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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