President’s Column:
Why I’m High on Helping Each Other

June 2002
by Linda Ligon

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I’ve been to a lot of PMA Universities over the years, and they’ve all been stimulating and educational. The most recent one, in New York City at the end of April, had a quality I hadn’t experienced to such a great degree before.

In previous years, the sessions tended to be panels of “experts” educating the inexperienced. At least that’s how they often felt to me. This year, they were overwhelmingly groups of peers–big groups, in many cases–sharing knowledge and experience and opinions and contacts. It was a free-for-all, and it was exciting!


Many of the savviest publishers sitting in the audience at these sessions were one- or two-book houses, or small regional houses. But they’re doing things right, and they were willing to share. These publishers are finding special markets, garnering publicity, setting up author tours, writing dynamic marketing copy, producing handsome, well-made books. So much of what I learned this time around was from attendees rather than from panelists (although the panelists were great).


Then there were the Benjamin Franklin awards. The presentation reception was festive and well attended, and the winning books came overwhelmingly from smaller publishers. Incredible books. Important books. Significant content, stunning design. Seeing these entries certainly raised the bar for me–I feel a whole new sense of what I can strive for, and the confidence that it&#…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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