What PMA’s Standards Statement Can Do for You

February 2004
by Don Tubesing

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During the past year, the PMA board of directors has been working to craft a statement that defines standards for the independent book publishing industry. The driving need was to provide a way to distinguish professionally published books from products that may look like books but are not supported by the principles and processes essential to high-quality publishing. With the advent of print-on-demand and other streamlining technologies, it is easier than ever to manufacture a book. But it is still as hard as ever to publish one. And our various publics are becoming confused about the difference.

A draft of the PMA statement of standards was included in Jan Nathan’s column in the January newsletter under the heading “The Role of a Book Publisher: Draft Copy.” You may want to pull it out again or access it at To refresh your memory, here is a summary.

Publishers have a strong commitment to upholding rigorous publishing standards–those required to produce quality books–and working toward these standards is our primary goal.

Publishers put book projects together, from start to finish–an endeavor that includes fulfilling major responsibilities in the following key areas:

Acquisition, Financial, Planning, Author/Manuscript Development, Publisher’s Author Obligations, Production, Standards, Vendor Interaction, Product Development, and Administration.

The draft outlines and discusses how…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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