President’s Column:
Setting Your Publishing Goals

December 2002
by Don Tubesing

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For many years, I taught a seminar for health professionals titled “So You Want to Be an Author — How to Publish for the Public.” Every session began with the question “Why do you want to be an author?” The answers varied–”to share an important idea,” “to feel good about myself,” “to make money,” “to make my mother proud,” “to prove that my composition professor was wrong,” “to get mentioned in The New York Times,”“to put my kids through college,” “to build a writing career,” “to get tenure,” etc. We would affirm that while every goal was legitimate, different strategies were required for reaching each one. It always became clear that every writer in the room would have to create his or her own unique plan for reaching personal goals.

So here you are now–a publisher–just what you (always?) wanted to be! That same key question applies to publishers as well: “Why do you want to be a publisher?” What is it that you want out of publishing? To share your knowledge and your passion? To find out how the book business works? To build a strong series of books? To play with ideas? To get rich? To fill a niche? To make a living? To market like a maniac to create a small business? To create jobs? To build value that you can cash in on at retirement?

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