President’s Column:
No More Publisher Victims!

May 2003
by Don Tubesing

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Adopting a victim mentality offers the small business owner a surefire way to run a money-losing business, to run it badly, and to feel lousy about it all at the same time! Sadly, these are opportunities that too many of our members choose not to miss.

OK. You guessed it. I do have a few thoughts to get off my mind at this moment. So, here goes. I hope that they prove to be helpful.


Gripes Going Nowhere

As PMA President for the past year, I have heard many gripes about how independent publishers don’t get respect and don’t have clout in the book business. “They wouldn’t review my book or even return my call.” “The buyer would only take 100 copies.” “My distributor didn’t get books to the signing on time.” “My distributor only sold 300 copies.” “They put stickers on them, spilled coffee on them, and then returned them to me for full credit.” The list goes on and on.

As with most complaints, these gripes are based on facts. From my 25 years in publishing, I know firsthand that statements like these are often only too accurate. I also know that these situations are maddeningly frustrating. And I have to admit that I, too, have at times been seduced by the strange temptation to stand around with publisher friends telling delicious stories about how the publishing business has treated me unfairly. But this activity perpetuates the problem. How?

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