President’s Column:
A Better Way to Acquire New Books?

February 2003
by Don Tubesing

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The current manuscript submission process–every publisher receiving and slogging through an unending stream of inappropriate proposals–is ineffective. I always considered it a necessary cost of being a successful small publisher. But is it? Could PMA set up a better matchmaking mechanism?

Two developments have just raised this question for me.

First, in our recent PMA member feedback project, so many of you said that finding quality acquisitions is one of your most vexing ongoing problems: How do I get good commercial books? Find qualified authors? Build new title series? Identify authors with ideas who can write? Effectively review submissions? Find good products that match our mission? A successful publishing company needs to fill its pipeline with quality new titles. It’s clear that this is not an easy task. How could PMA help?

Second, at this moment, I have two very different manuscripts on my desk. Both are high quality. Both have been rejected by the huge corporate publishers, and they were turned down by several agents. But both are great niche books that deserve to be published and that will make money for the right publisher. They don’t fit our niche. They do fit some independent publisher’s niche, but whose? Where do I send them?


An Expensive Exercise

Here’s a picture of the matchmaking process that most of you will find all too familiar. After Pfeifer-Hamilton published…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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