Practice Makes Permanent

September 1998
by Brian Jud

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Have you wondered how celebrities being interviewed on television can look so calm when millions of people are watching them? And have you ever wondered if you could do that?

You can appear on national television and radio, and you can look calm and collected, just like the actors you see every day. But like actors, you can not just show up for performances. Actors learn their lines and rehearse them until they create a believable, entertaining performance. You can be successful too, if you approach your media events the same way.

The key to any good performance is preparation. Just as actors do, media guests need to know what they are going to say during all their performances and so they practice their delivery of each word beforehand. Adequate preparation will make you more confident in your ability to perform and help you relax while you are on the air.

Take Two Classes and Call Me in the Morning

You have heard it said that practice makes perfect, however that is not necessarily true. Practice makes permanent, so you have to make sure you are rehearsing the right things. Before you appear on any media event, engage the services of a professional media trainer so the techniques you make permanent are the right ones.

Hiring a media trainer to coach you in performing successfully may be the best single investment you can make to conduct an effective appearance. Therefore, search carefully and retain the services of a seasoned media trainer. It is best to employ…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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