Pointers for Phone Interviews with the Media

November 1999
by Brian Jud

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Performances on radio talk or news shows are the workhorses of book-promotion activities. With radio as part of your communication plan, you can reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of people at little or no cost.

You can use your telephone to tape radio shows or perform live, from any place in which there is a good connection and no background noise. It’s important to make sure that you can talk uninterrupted for the length of the show. Telephone interviews provide inexpensive exposure because the producer typically calls you.

Here are some pointers to make those telephone interviews more effective: As you agree upon the time and date with the producer, confirm your time zone. The producer may say he or she will call you at 3:00, but is that 3:00 pm your time or the producer’s time?Don’t use cellular telephones and don’t ask the station to call you on one of your lines that has call waiting. Similarly, this is not the time to impress your friends by having them listen to you on an extension or speaker phone. Have a specific area set aside for telephone interviews, one in which you can keep your notes, books, and pad handy. Unplug nearby phones if they are on a different line.Always assume the microphone is hot (live), as nobody will say, “You’re on the air.”Your host may want to give the audience the impression that you’re in the studio. He or she may say, “Here with us today is Brian Jud, author of ‘You’re On The Air.'” Take the hint and do not make comments such…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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