December 2001
by Judith Applebaum

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That was a most informative article on Print on Demand in the September

PMA Newsletter. Thanks.

Although a number of the books we have packaged or published have been printed by POD, including several by Lightning Source, we, too, have been concerned about the disconnect between Ingram and its subsidiary when it comes to bookstore orders.

The biggest problem seems to be the way Ingram has the POD books set up; that is, when clerks key in the ISBN, the first thing they see after the title appears is: “Not in Stock. Will be back ordered.” The easy next step is saying: “I’m sorry, it isn’t available,” although, in fact, the book is available within a short period of time–usually 48 hours or so. A change in wording could help fix the problem.

Linking POD and bookstore distribution will be a boon to small press and self-publishers when problems are ironed out. It has been helpful to a number of our clients who want to be able to offer their books nationally but have no expectations of a large press run or substantial sales–books of poetry, genealogies, town or regional histories, for example.

We’re wondering if production quality is another reason that chain bookstores are summarily rejecting POD books. Many, if not most, books produced through major Web publishing sites are not edited, do not have mainstream covers, and may even bear the advertising of the Web publish…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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