PMA’s Dispute Resolution Procedure Helps Its Members

February 2002
by Philip Tamoush, Member, Board of Directors, PMA

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Do you have a problem with a vendor? A client? A customer? A printer? An author? PMA members have a way to resolve complaints without spending the money and time that litigation entails. The PMA Dispute Resolution Program, adopted in 1999, is designed to assist members who have not been able to come to agreement with individuals or companies they do business with.

Described in a brochure in the PMA orientation packet and in this article, the program involves a combination of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques–some of which are unique to PMA–and the work of wonderful volunteers. At first, it encourages any publisher who is having a dispute with another company (often over finances, sometimes over quality) to work in a “negotiations” mode. Talking about your problem with a fellow publisher quite often helps you take a more objective view.

Then members are encouraged “to take your problem to the top” by seeking out higher management in the company with which they have a problem. Often negotiation at these levels resolves the issue more satisfactorily than some outsider could. However, sometimes the presence of an outsider is required; in that case, a past PMA President will act as an “intervener” to facilitate a satisfactory resolution. Gary Moselle and Howard Fisher have been extremely helpful in this role.


Intervener Activities

The “intervener” contacts both partie…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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