PMA-U and BEA: The Best Parts of the Big Spring Events

February 2005
by Charles R. Kuster

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My 2004 BEA/PMA Publishing University experience was educational, a bit overwhelming, troubling, and invigorating. PMA-U sessions provided exactly the mental jumpstart I sought. Few peer publishers operate in my locale, so the sessions, handouts, and networking opportunities were an intellectual goldmine.

The common thread was, of course, book marketing. Interestingly, a huge spread existed in terms of where individuals were in business evolution and knowledge. But this really wasn’t a problem, because people were patient and flexible. If you discovered that the session you’d registered for wasn’t appropriate, nobody seemed to mind if you moved to another.

Lessons Learned

Coffee breaks provided ample opportunities for networking and discoveries. For example, I listened to a hallway conversation on the heels of a how-to session about publicity. Three publishers were lamenting their lack of time, energy, and money for a detailed publicity program as prescribed by the presenters. After a few minutes, I figured out that all three publishers were really authors trying to sell their own self-published books. It was quite apparent that their passion for writing books far exceeded their interest in promoting them, and probably their promotional abilities too. I was feeling smug until they started talking about their budgets for book promotion, which dwarfed what we were spending.

Sessions for Web-site book sales were packed. Presenters…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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