Planning to Sell vs. Needing to

February 2006
by Howard W. Fisher and Daniel R. Siburg

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Three elements affect an
owner’s ability to make an advantageous sale of a publishing company:

·      Time. How long can the seller take to prepare the company
for sale and complete the sales transaction?

·      Pressure. What kind of pressure is the seller under to complete
a sales transaction?

·      Money. Why and how quickly does the seller need the money
from the sales transaction?

Sellers who are planning to sell
their companies generally have all three elements in their favor. They can take
as much time as necessary to prepare the company properly for sale because they
are not under pressure to sell it, and they probably do not need the money from
the sale for their businesses.

On the other hand, all three
elements work against sellers who have not anticipated a need to sell their
companies. Publishers who find themselves impelled to sell do not have enough
time to prepare their companies for sale and are usually under tremendous
pressure because they need the proceeds to pay off business debts and stop
negative cash flow.

Reasons for Planning to
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