Plan a Powerful Blog Tour

April 2007
by Steve Weber

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Blog tours

Plan a Powerful Blog Tour


by Steve Weber


Many Internet marketing
programs focus on luring readers to your Web site. But you can reach even more
people with a campaign that meets your potential readers where they already


This means arranging a series of
appearances known as a blog tour, a virtual author tour, or guest blogging.
Blog tours are especially valuable for authors who can’t travel or are
uncomfortable with public speaking, and when touring is impractical because a
book’s readers are widely dispersed.


While blog tours expose your book
to a much larger audience than a traditional bookstore tour—and cost you
less in time and money—they also help your host bloggers by providing
free content for their readers and affiliate revenue from book sales.


Typical blog tours include these


·      an excerpt displayed on each host
blog in the days preceding the tour to publicize the tour appearance

·      a one-day appearance, beginning
with a short essay on the topic of your book and then inviting discussio…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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