Picking Your “Expert”

November 1999
by Anonymous

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Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by a consultant who wishes to remain anonymous.
There is a “golfer’s etiquette” that admonishes players to give advice only when asked, otherwise such sharing
of wisdom is considered to be: (1) impolite, (2) unwanted, or (3) both. In golf, however, one has the benefit of
observing the quality of golf the advice-giver plays himself. As a witness to the advice-giver’s ability to play
his own game, one can readily determine the value of the unsolicited advice. We can experience the value, stroke by

Unfortunately, in our industry, we don’t have the benefit of witnessing our advisor’s success one stroke at a
time. So how can we judge the true capabilities of those to whom we go for counsel-the “experts”? Are there
credentials to see? Do they matter? Which credentials are important? Does a degree of some sort signify capability,
competence and accomplishment, or simply tenure gained by going to the required classes?

Today’s publishing industry sees hordes of “experts” with names like agent, publicist, consultant, designer,
packager, editor, and many others. It seems shameful that there is absolutely no screening method by which any of
the aforementioned “experts” must qualify in order to claim his “expert” title. Doctors, attorneys, CPAs,
construction contractors, plumbers, and TV repairmen must not only study their respective fields, they must also
practice what they’ve learned and satisfactorily pass some sort…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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