Personal Observations about the PMA Listserv (Why You Should Be a Part of This Forum)

April 1997
by Robert C. Brenner, M.S.E.E., M.S.S.M.

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For the past five months, I’ve been a member of PMA’s online forum, the
listserv. When I first “subscribed,” I was unsure what to expect. Although
I’ve been in publishing for 10 years, I’m new to online activities,
especially those related to e-mail and the World Wide Web. I guess I’m one of
those who is reluctant to jump into technology until it gently laps at my
toes like water on a beach. I’d been reading the hype about having your own
website and how everyone is going online. Finally I gave in, signed up for
online service, and joined the group. What I discovered goes way beyond”WOW!” I found a rich and very profitable resource, a resource that any PMA
member can access freely. This article provides an insight into what has been
discussed recently on PMA’s everybody-shares listserv.

I became a member by sending an e-mail message to In the
subject box of the message, I typed “SUBSCRIBE” in all capital letters. Then
in the message box, I typed “SUBSCRIBE PMA-L Robert Brenner” on the first
line. Then I selected SEND and off the message went. Almost immediately I was
receiving e-mail messages from others on the forum. I began reading their
posts, and was amazed at the open, free sharing of information that was
occurring. There seemed to be between 50 and 100 PMA colleagues who were
exchanging information, commenting on issues, or asking questions in each
daily download of messages that I received.

Each week there seemed to be…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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