Personal Computing: Where Should You Buy Your Next PC?

March 1998
by Reid Goldsborough

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These days there are almost as many ways to buy a personal computer as there are ways to configure one. You can buy from a computer superstore, small local computer store, office supply store, electronics store, department store, mass merchandise store, warehouse store, computer show, value-added reseller, mail-order catalog company, or directly from the manufacturer. To make things even more complicated, a number of vendors in the above categories now let you buy through the Internet. How do you decide where to get the biggest bang for your buck? Much depends on your particular situation. But each buying channel has its advantages and disadvantages, and some have more advantages than others.

Going Retail

Despite the newer whiz-bang buying options out there, walking into a store, sitting down in front of a number of display PCs, and taking a system back with you is still the most common way to buy a computer today. Buying from a retail outlet can be reassuring if you don’t have previous experience buying a computer. Looking at a monitor, testing out the feel of a keyboard, and seeing how much space the system takes up can be important clues to how you’ll like the system once you get it back home or in the office. On the other hand, you may think that being able to look your salesperson in the eye will help ensure you get a good deal. But some computer salespeople have little knowledge about computer technology, aside from which models the store has in stock and what…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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