Personal Computing: Frustrated PC Owners Have Valid Complaints – Computers Stink.

August 1997
by Reid Goldsborough

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That’s the name of a book that crossed my desk a couple of weeks ago. The title made me laugh. But as I read through the book, I found myself nodding in agreement with the author, Jack Bellis.

Computers really do stink!The Computer Maze

Who among us hasn’t felt frustrated at the complexity of today’s personal computers? They’re too difficult to learn to use, and they lock up or break down too frequently. Plus they cost too darn much.

Sure, PCs and Macs provide us with enormous capabilities. But trying to tap into this richness can leave you sitting on the floor with big clumps of hair in your hands that you’ve yanked from your head in frustration.

Home PC market leader Packard Bell has been having problems in making quality machines and in supporting them effectively, a situation that’s come to light through a number of surveys in various computer magazines. Although Packard Bell has the worst quality and service record of the major manufacturers, the truth is that the industry as a whole needs to clean up its act.

According to the surveys, more than half of personal computer owners have experienced at least one problem with their machine, while 15% of all PCs needed service within the previous six months. Astonishingly, 12% of new PCs are received “dead on arrival.”

PC makers typically explain that they’ve been growing very quickly and are going to redouble their efforts to address quality and service concerns. “We’re doing everyt…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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