Pearls from Publishing University

October 2010
by Dane Batty

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Pearls from Publishing University

by Dane Batty

I am a new publisher who could be called a self-publisher, but I like to call myself a micro-publisher. It has better connotations. With my first book scheduled for release one month after Publishing University, I was excited to hear that I’d been awarded a scholarship to the event by IBPA and its Northwest Book Publishers Association affiliate.

I had already committed to publish using print-on-demand and having a Web-only presence because the traditional publishing path seemed expensive, labor intensive, and stale, and because I don’t ever do anything the normal way anyway. And I knew that, despite my MBA, I needed help with understanding the barriers in the book business and with marketing my book. Those needs drove my choices for classes.

Insights on E-books and More

In one session, Mark Coker of Smashwords (which distributes my e-book) explained why he thinks e-books will change the industry. Since e-books can be sold anywhere and everywhere on the Internet, everyone with a Web site can sell books. I got my first look at an e-book this year in both Kindle and Epub versions, and they are really cool. They won’t take the place of p-books for me, but they will have their place for sure.

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