Passion Centers as Profit Centers

June 2003
by Dan Poynter

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If you love your work, writing about some aspect of your industry will be fun and advance your position in your field. If you write about your hobby, you will spend time studying an area you enjoy. In either case, “participants” write the best how-to books. Their books are a labor of love. Participants turn their avocations into a vocations–and profit centers.

Doug Werner loves sports and the outdoors so much, he moved to Southern California. When surfing became an obsession, he moved to San Diego. He soon saw a need for a beginner’s book, so he wrote and published Surfing Start-Up in 1993. Then a mission took shape–to learn about and write start-up books on other sports. He was in the perfect location–Southern California has the weather, terrain, and activities.

One-by-one, he tackled, learned, wrote, and published Start-Up books on fencing, backpacking, bowling, boxing, sailing, longboard surfing, snowboarding, in-line skating, and golfing. Doug has 15 books so far. He’s building his publishing company one sport and one book at a time.

Doug loves learning new sports and introducing readers to them. Writing allows him to earn a living through his hobbies.


Deductible Dives

Writing a book is a creative act; publishing it is a business. And there are financial advantages when you publish on a subject you love.

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