Our Standards for E-Commerce, Part 1: Why Some Don’t Work As Well As They Might, and What’s to Be Done About That

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November 2011
by Mark Bide

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With varying degrees of success, publishers of all types, alongside the music and movie industries, TV, and games—all the different sectors of what are often called the “copyright industries”—are adjusting their business strategies in the light of the “switch to digital.” However, many continue to struggle with significant problems in implementing those strategies because of underlying shortcomings in their systems and processes.

Most are well aware of major industry standards and of the importance of related metadata [see the archived pieces on metadata and standards at ibpa-online.org, especially the “Desperately Seeking Good Metadata” series]. But publishers—along with others in the book business—are perhaps less aware of the vast international standards landscape and its innumerable intertwined parts.

Because that complex landscape affects every aspect of our e-commerce, familiarity with it is important. This series of articles examines it first by looking at the development and implementation of communication standards in support of e-commerce—essentially, identifiers and metadata—with emphasis on the publishing industry, and then by…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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