Other Sources of Computer News

November 1999
by Reid Goldsborough

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What you’re reading right now is an attempt at providing helpful information and advice about personal
computers and the Internet. But the world of information technology is as varied as it is complex, and
there are plenty of other places to seek out news and tips on these topics.

Computer magazines and their online kin are one such place. Hundreds of different computer
publications-national and local, general-interest and specialized-crave your attention. Some are
newsstand magazines, available at your local bookstore and by subscription; others are “controlled
circulation” publications, available by subscription for free to industry professionals who buy
computer products in quantity and meet other criteria.

The Issue of Bias
Computer magazines, like many institutions, are useful but imperfect. Readers sometimes express
concern that companies who advertise receive favorable mention in reviews and other articles. The best
computer publications take pains to prevent advertising from influencing editorial, referring to this
in terms similar to the separation of church and state.

This is not to say that bias doesn’t exist. Most computer publications, subtly or blatantly,
encourage readers to buy the latest and greatest in general. This “Buy, buy, buy!” pro-industry
boosterism is part of an effort to create an overall climate attractive to advertisers. With some
computer magazines, you have to infer negatives about products by the paucity of glowing positiv…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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