Organizing Your Office to Improve Productivity

November 2007
by Liz Franklin

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Organizing Your Office to Improve Productivity

by Liz Franklin

It was only when I decided to become a publisher—after 25-plus years of organizational consulting for businesses large and small, and a few glasses of red wine—that I saw the mind-boggling complications inherent in our chosen field.

Allow me to offer some solutions to the organizing problems we publishers face.

Too much paperwork? Verbs are the antidote here. Put a sticky on each piece of paper, and on it write the verb describing the action to be taken. Use the sticky upside down, so it stands above the paper like a flag. This turns a pile of paper into a pile of instructions, which makes the work move much faster. And when you’re so tired you feel brain dead, it’s very reassuring to see step-by-step advice in your own handwriting.

Procrastinating? On those same stickies, note the due dates for each task. Put the due date above the verb, because it is even more important. What good is it to complete the task but miss the deadline? Besides, keeping the date prominent will allow you to organize your paperwork by due date. It’s also calming to realize that, yes, you have to do all this work; but no, you don’t have to do it all today.

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