Opportunities After the Radio Appearance

May 2004
by Bryan Farrish

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Although advice about radio interviews usually focuses on how to prepare for them, what you do after the interview can make a big difference to your book. Here’s what’s best to do:


● Call the receptionist to say thank you, and to ask whether the producer relayed the sticky-note with your contact info on it that you mailed in advance. You’ll need the receptionist’s help when listeners call and ask how to reach you.

● Send a thank-you note to the producer and the host, saying that you really enjoyed the interview, and that if they are ever in a pinch you’d be happy to do it again. Subconsciously, they will think about asking you back for regular, ongoing interviews.

● While you are thanking them, ask whether they ever read about you on one of the radio discussion Web sites that are accessible only by stations. You are not really expecting them to say yes, but, since you mentioned it, and if they like you, they may just go and post nice comments about you there. Exactly what you want.

● See if the host–or better yet, the station’s GM (general manager)–will sign a letter of recommendation on its letterhead for you. Say you’ll be happy to write the text and e-mail it. Or, you’d also be happy to get some letterhead from the receptionist, print the text on it yourself, and send the letter back for signing.

● Ask the producer for an “aircheck” (a taped rec…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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