Opening a Large New Market for Your Books:
The PMA Corporate & Institutions Brochure Mailing

May 2002
by Donald Wulfinghoff

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This issue of the PMA Newsletter debuts a new member benefit–a cooperative mailing program targeted to Corporate and Institutional Libraries. Look for it in the “Marketing and Direct Mail Programs” section. The deadline for applications is October 2002.

PMA’s cooperative mailings are powerful marketing tools. I know because we distribute more than 90% of our brochures through them and they are largely responsible for making our flagship publication, the Energy Efficiency Manual, the world’s top energy conservation book.

All PMA mailings radically reduce the cost of promoting your books and relieve you of the drudgery of direct mail. You don’t have to get a mailing list, don’t deal with a mailing company, and don’t need to do list selection or preparation. Now, with the new Corporate and Institutional Libraries mailing, you can reach a vast new audience–one just about as big as the reach of PMA’s other mailings combined!


What Will They Buy?

The Corporate and Institutional Libraries mailing will go to roughly 9,000 members of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), the second largest organization of librarians. More than 45% of these librarians control six-figure annual budgets. They work in libraries that serve businesses, research companies, government, universities, newspapers, museums, and other institutions. More than half work in corporate settings. Appr…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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