One-on-One Presentations, Stage Three

February 2003
by Robin Bartlett

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In my November and December articles, I talked about many of the things you need to think about and do prior to making a powerful one-on-one sales presentation. This third installment deals mainly with tips for the actual presentation. As you read these tips, see which ones spark an “ah-ha” in your mind.

Tip #1: KISMIF. The “Keep It Simple, Make It Fine” rule of thumb for powerful presentations is to cover only one or two important points per topic. That’s all your audience is likely to handle and remember. Of course, we all have more than one or two points to make, so let your collateral literature continue to sell for you after you leave the prospect’s office. I like to underline and to add lots of stars and arrows in order to draw attention to the most important benefits. This technique will allow you to verbally address the most important points and still leave a half-dozen or more behind.

Tip #2: Avoid truth statements. When buyers hear “truth statements” such as “Let me be perfectly honest with you…,” or “To tell you the truth…,” they may think, “Well, if he says he’s being honest now, was he being dishonest before?” Don’t even put this thought in your buyer’s mind!

Tip #3: Ban “uh, um,” “basically,” and “like you know.” Presenters with these kinds of verbal tics strike buyers and decision-makers as peop…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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