One Book Nine Ways in Less Than 30 Days

December 2009
by Gordon Burgett

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One Book Nine Ways in Less Than 30 Days

by Gordon Burgett

I’ve just tested a process for getting a book into nine different selling formats quickly and very inexpensively, and it works. Even better, it’s as applicable for publishers who need to make their books profitable via a full print run as it is for authors simply interested in providing their written words to family and friends in book form.

Because I felt that this new arena of opportunity needed a name, I asked the 52 people in two seminars I run for suggestions. They were overwhelmingly in favor of the term ancillary publishing. I think it’s a great name too, so I’ve used it here and will continue to use and define it in the future.

Although this ancillary publishing is found gold for the beginner eager to put memoirs, family history, poetry, travel, and novels—any book—in print totally or almost free without having to physically produce and market their creations, the bound book is still where most of the money is for those of us who publish professionally.

E-books—which I’m defining as faithful reproductions of printed and bound books in digital form or modified versions for digital formats—now account for a…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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