One Book Can Do Wonders: The Story Behind TalentSmart’s Emotional Intelligence Title

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October 2011
by Linda Carlson

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One Book Can Do Wonders: The Story Behind TalentSmart’s Emotional Intelligence Title

by Linda Carlson

Remember the maxim that writing is 10 percent creating and 90 percent promoting? TalentSmart founders Travis Bradberry and Jean Graves have made that their focus.

The pair created one book and works hard on promotion of its single topic instead of beginning research for other books. “It’s lots of fun funneling our energy into marketing on an everyday basis,” Bradberry says.

What is now TalentSmart was founded in 1996 as the industrial psychology consulting firm Workforce Development Solutions, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence. Popularized by Daniel Goleman when he was a writer for the New York Times, “emotional intelligence” as a framework was introduced by Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer in 1990. It’s the theory that people have both a wide range of intellectual abilities and a wide range of measurable emotional skills that affect their thinking and action. Because emotional intelligence (or, as it’s sometimes referred to, the EQ, emotional quotient) is important in professional achievement and teamwork, it’s become a popular subject for professional development.

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