Now That the Revolution Is Over: Action Items for Today and Tomorrow

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June 2013
by Joseph J. Esposito

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No industry is without its tricksters, but the media businesses, and publishing in particular, have seen more than their share. This is because of the inherent nature of information, which can be reduced to ones and zeroes and easily transmitted over the Internet. Unlike companies that produce and distribute snowshoes or refrigerators, which will always have to emerge from the virtual world at some point, place a box on a truck, and ship it, publishing companies are easy marks for the trickster pacing the stage at a tech conference and shown on huge video screens in full stride while preaching about the gospel of the inevitable domination of digital tools over all.

Preaching is a good word for this, as the trickster’s talk is really about the inner life of the audience, how they feel, how they can align their inner state with the technological torrent that is sweeping over them. “Do not be afraid,” the trickster says. “Put away your fears. Embrace the empowerment of new technology.” Don’t try to assert control; go with the Force….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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