Notes from the Frankfurt Book Fair, Part II

May 1997
by Ken Lee, Michael Wiese Productions

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In my last article, I reviewed key tips on pre-planning your trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

In this article, I’ll review more tips on making your trip to Frankfurt as productive as possible.Ordnung Ist Das Halbe Leben
(Order is Half of Life)

When you visit Frankfurt, you’ll understand exactly what this old German saying means. It means that city sidewalks are swept clean every week by the local citizens. It means that the trains are always on time. But most of all, it means that you need to be extremely organized to properly work the Fair.

Here are some important tips to get your life (at least as it applies to the Frankfurt Book Fair) in order:Tip #1: Prepare Your Sales Materials in Advance

If you’re fortunate enough to look like Cindy Crawford or Mel Gibson, you probably won’t need help attracting attention during the Fair.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we need to bring along sales materials to get the job done. Sales materials can be broken down into two major categories: (1) Sales materials you should pack, and (2) Sales materials you should ship in advance.1. Sales Material You Should PackYour Appointment Schedule: Your appointment schedule is your lifeline, and it will be the key document to keep you on schedule, in charge, and in control.

In Frankfurt, appointments are generally 30 minutes long — no more, no less. That means that you can pack in a lot of appointments each day. Most people use some type of daytimer or computer spreadsheet…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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