New Ways to Profit from Content, Part 1: Using Sites and Chunks

January 2011
by Adam Salomone and Bruce Shaw

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New Ways to Profit from Content, Part 1: Using Sites and Chunks

by Adam Salomone and Bruce Shaw

With the advent of digital technology and the wider distribution of content online via social networks, genre-specific and subject-specific communities, and content platforms, publishers are thinking about new formats for books. But we also need to be thinking on a more granular level, about new ways to use our content.

At The Harvard Common Press, we have been developing and implementing a program for content reuse, and we’ve found that it can establish new and robust revenue streams for both print and digital products, as well as brand platforms for publishers, their authors, and their books.

Of course, projects of this sort will be especially useful for certain types of publishers (and perhaps impractical for others). Focusing on our high-quality cookbooks and parenting books, we’ve identified four main areas of interest in terms of using our content:

• individual Web sites

• chunking

• third-party distribution partnerships

• proprietary content platforms

How each of these focus points fits any particular publisher is a matter for internal examination, but it’s helpfu…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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