New Ways to Get Reader Reviews

July 2004
by Tiffany Jonas

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As you may know, recently received its share of negative press after a temporary glitch at its Canadian sitereleased the names of anonymous reviewers for all to see–including authors who had written positive reviews for their own books and friends and family of authors doing the same.

The publicity, however, also emphasized how important reader reviews are to consumers who are deciding whether or not to buy.

Amy Harmon of The New York Times, who broke the story, noted, “Despite the widespread presumption that the reviews are stacked, both readers and writers say they affect sales, especially for new writers whose books are not widely reviewed elsewhere.”

And an Amazon Top 100 Reviewer, observing the fray on, wrote, “Getting a reader reaction to a book can be a decider for me, especially with computer books (since professional reviews in that industry are notoriously unreliable).”

Amazon’s reader reviews currently number 10 million, according to The New York Times, which also quotes an Amazon spokesperson’s comment that the reader reviews are the most popular feature of its sites.

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