New Opportunities for PMA Members

August 1998
by Jan Nathan, PMA

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After listening to many members comment about new fees that are being put into place by companies which previously provided the same services at no charge, PMA began to discuss ways in which we could help our members. The first opportunity is with Baker & Taylor, one of the largest wholesalers to the trade book market, in regard to their relationship with many independents. Years ago, where there were far fewer publishers, B&T was able to enter a publisher online with a minimal expense to their company. Since the mid-80s, more and more publishers have been entering the industry . . . some have been selling nicely, while others were just entered into a database and never experienced any sales. No one could determine in advance who would be successful in sales and/or who would not. But the bottom line is that B&T’s costs increased as more people needed this type of service. So they imposed a fee. We approached B&T with an offer relating to our membership, which they agreed to after some modifications. It is as follows: Baker & Taylor will offer a new program for PMA-member publishers who do not currently have a relationship with B&T. If a new publisher commits to participating in one marketing program presented by PMA during the first year of their relationship with Baker & Taylor, the $125 database fee at B&T will be waived. The publisher must agree to the following terms: 55% discount; four free stocking copies of each title for two B&T warehouses; payment of fre…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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