New Media: Testing, 1, 2 . . .

August 2008
by Carol White

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New Media: Testing, 1, 2 . . .

by Carol White

“If you aren’t involved in social networking, you are missing the boat.”

“If you want to be a dinosaur, just keep ignoring the new social media.”

Okay, okay, enough! I get it—I hear you. So what to do about it? After all, I won a Benjamin Franklin for Marketing Innovation and Excellence. I look at it every day and feel the pressure to continue to earn it.

But what does it all mean? Facebook? Squidoo? RSS? Twitter and Tweets? Podcasts and V-Casts? Feedburner? Stumbleupon? Diggit? . . . and so much more.

For the March release of the second edition of our bestselling, award-winning book, Live Your Road Trip Dream, we didn’t abandon “old media.” In fact, we did a campaign for prerelease reviews, postrelease reviews, and articles for both print and broadcast media with good success—not as good as four years ago, but reasonable. I’ve either had, or have committed, more than 20 articles, reviews, or mentions as a result of old media, including one AP story that just keeps on showing up around the country (Google alerts keep me informed).

But I wanted to use more new media for this new release. I have …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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