New Directions in the Role of Printing in Publishing

April 2000
by Gene Schwartz

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Dominated by new electronic publishing and developments in
content management, pagemaking, e-books, and Web publishing, the two
major East Coast technology events in February also showcased some
revolutionary new printing procurement and manufacturing

Some 20,000 people attended Seybold, and several thousand turned
out for BookTech. I cannot too strongly encourage publishers,
booksellers, and distributors who are thinking strategically to put
these events on their calendars for the upcoming San Francisco and
East Coast versions this coming year. Technology and
enterprise—and publishing and distribution—are all of a
seamless piece.

BookTech in particular offers a publishing focus unique to the
book industry, as it bridges consideration of strategies in the
traditional manufacturing and the new electronic models.
Seybold—long considered the province of designers, ad
agencies, magazines, software and print providers, mainstream
high-end publishers, and corporate collateral buyers—offers
both tutorials, forums, and keynotes that increasingly bear on the
realities that independent publishers and distributors deal with

Electronic publishing was very much in evidence on the BookTech
and Seybold agendas. The e-book people were out in full force at
Seybold’s expo, but the Internet publishing sector of our
industry was virtually absent from both.

Four New Technology Applications

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