New and—for a Limited Time—Free: It’s the ISTC

December 2008
by Andy Weissberg

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New and—for a Limited Time—Free: It’s the ISTC

by Andy Weissberg

The International ISTC Agency is now launching the International Standard Text Code. Designed to provide a means of uniquely and persistently identifying textual works in information systems, the ISTC will facilitate the exchange of information about these works among authors, agents, publishers, retailers, libraries, rights administrators, and other interested parties throughout the world.

Publishers are invited to participate in pilot programs that will provide free registration of ISTCs through May 2009. Quantities of freely assigned ISTCs will vary depending on the participating publisher’s catalog size and title-linking requirements, which will be analyzed in conjunction with the pilot programs.

In the United States, Bowker will be running these programs. They will optimize the discoverability of product options within search engines, library information systems, social networks, and online retail catalogs and also help you catalog bibliographic information within your catalogs to support key business imperatives such as royalty and rights management, licensing, forecasting, and demand management.

Basic information is available at, and via 908/219-0206.

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