Never-Ending Conference Becomes a Reality

June 2010
by John Mutter

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Never-Ending Conference Becomes a Reality

by John Mutter

A new conference focusing on industry issues begins next week in New York City. Called Online Viral and Electronic Retail Killer-Apps and International Literary Logrolling—for short, OVERKILL—the conference will run indefinitely.

BEA event director Steve Rosato, who said the idea came out of a BookExpo America brainstorming session late in the term of BEA show manager Lance Fensterman, indicated that the group will not meet on federal holidays and will break early on Fridays and weekends. “The rest of the time, however,” he said, “we have a tight schedule because there’s just no end to speculation about the future of books and publishing.”

Panel discussions include:

• Social Media in the Next 60 Minutes: Predictions and Prognostications (held hourly)

• Eternal Debate 1: E-Books vs. P-Books (will fill empty slots as needed)

• Vook, Nook, Kobo, Kindle: Can’t Anyone Come Up with a Decent Digital Book Name?

• Eternal Debate 2: Can Consumers Be Made Aware of Publishing Imprints?

(will fill empty slots as needed)

• Standards Hell: ONIX, DRM, BISAC, DNR, ANSI/NISO, GTIN-14, WTF, ETC.

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